An ecological corridor between Alto Milanese and Ticino parks

The project prepared a feasibility study aimed at improving ecological connectivity between two major protected areas in Lombardy: Alto Milanese park and Ticino park. The aspects that have been taken into consideration weren't purely ecological, but also political and social, with a whole series of activities whose objective was to increase local population awareness about the project and ecological connectivity in general.

To the side of the project, the partnership studied a series of experimental measures having as goal the reduction of ragweed, invasive and highly allergenic plant, through the use of native species.

For more information, read the post from our blogread about the results after the first year of work and read about the final outcomes of the project.

Where: Alto Milanese Park (I)

Funded by: Fondazione Cariplo

Period: 2014-2016

Contact point: Riccardo Nigro (